• In this video, learn how to build a step stool.


    1. Use a jigsaw to cut 1x12 oak into a square top and criss-cross legs.
    2. Make notches in the legs so they can slot together.
    3. Sand down the sharp edges and corners on the top.
    4. Drill pilot holes through the top and on the legs.
    5. Screw the top to the legs; fill the screw holes with putty and sand it when it's dry.
    6. Paint the stool.
    7. Nail plastic feet on the bottom corners of the legs.
    8. Mark off a grid of 8 squares by 8 squares.
    9. Cut nonskid tape to fit the squares and stick it to every other square to make the checkerboard pattern.

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    • Difficulty: Easy
      The three parts are simple to make and the assembly is straightforward
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      Tools List

      • 100-foot tape measure
        Tape measure
      • combination square
        Combination square
      • framing square
        Framing square or ruler
      • bar clamp
        Bar clamps
      • safety glasses
        Safety glasses
      • jigsaw
      • drill
        Drill/driver fitted with 3/32- and ¼-inch drill bits
      • random orbit sander
        Random-orbit sander or sanding block
      • putty knife
        Putty knife
      • paintbrush
        2-inch paintbrush
      • utility scissors
        Utility scissors

      Shopping List

      1. 3-foot piece of 1x12 oak or maple

      2. 1-inch finish screws

      3. 60-grit sandpaper

      4. 120-grit sandpaper

      5. Stainable wood glue 6. Stainable wood putty

      7. Water-based stain or latex paint

      8. Nonskid tape

      9. Nail-on furniture glides