• Steps:
    1. Take advantage of natural light by converting a room with windows into the laundry room.
    2. Consider locating the laundry room directly off the master bedroom suite.
    3. Brighten the interior—and reflect the room’s “water” theme—with light green and pale blue wall paint.
    4. Raise washer and dryer off the floor, or select front-loading models with bottom drawers, for easier access to the machines.
    5. Solid surfacing creates durable, stylish countertops that are ideal for laundry rooms.
    6. Install upper wall and base cabinets for extra storage space.
    7. For entertainment, put in an under-cabinet, flip-down television.
    8. Install a jetted laundry sink, which can be used to clean hand-washables.
    9. Incorporate a heated drying cabinet for gently drying damp clothes and sweaters.
    • Difficulty: Easy
      All you need is an adequate-size room and a considerable budget
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      Shopping List

      1. Clothes washer and dryer

      2. Jetted laundry sink,
      used to launder delicate, hand-washable garments

      3. Heated drying cabinet,

      used to dry damp clothes and sweaters