• In this video, This Old House contractor Tom Silva explains how to fill gaps in a wide-plank wood floor.


    1 Scrape debris from between flooring planks with putty knife or painter's tool.
    2 Vacuum floor clean of all dust and debris.
    3 If desired, tint rope with wood stain to match floor; let dry.
    4 Force rope into gap between planks with putty knife or painter's tool.
    • Difficulty: Easy
      No specialized skills or exotic tools required, just a little patience and persistence

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      Tools List

      • putty knife
        Putty knife
      • five-in-one tool
        5-in-1 painter's tool
      • utility knife
        Utility knife
        used to cut rope

      Shopping List

      1. Natural rope of various diameters

      used to fill gaps between floor planks

      2. Wood stain

      used to tint rope to match floor

      3. Wet/dry vacuum

      used to collect debris scraped from floor

      4. Latex gloves

      5. Bucket

      for staining rope