Episode Descriptions


Season Three: Woburn, MA
1950s Ranch
This project premiered on PBS
January 1982
13 half-hour episodes; Programs #201-213

Program #201
Our host introduces you to the newest project—a 1950s ranch-style tract house in Woburn, Massachusetts, that is badly in need of elbow room. Our host and our master carpenter discuss the possibilities for creating space where none presently exists. And they take a tour of the neighborhood to see how other homeowners have transformed their houses form the 1950s into roomier, energy-efficient homes for the 1980s.

Program #202
It's time to pour the footings for the breezeway/greenhouse between the house and the garage. Then the house gets a high tech energy audit, complete with on-the-spot computer print-out and recommendations for cost-effective solutions to specific energy problems.

Program #203
Our host assesses the efficiency of the house's heating planet. Our master carpenter builds the framing for the breezeway/greenhouse, and replaces windows. Back inside, our host is busy steaming off the old wallpaper.

Program #204
Our host discusses plans for installing a wood burning stove in the family room. Our master carpenter roughs in the new bath off the master bedroom, then goes outside to check the condition of the roof.

Program #205
Our host shows us how to waterproof a basement and install a wood stove and a free-standing chimney. Our master carpenter is busy putting in the new windows and doors.

Program #206
Our host helps install the shower in the new master bathroom. Then he and our master carpenter show us how to construct kitchen cabinets.

Program #207
Our host and our master carpenter tear down the old wood panelling in the basement wreck room. Upstairs, it's time to install the new kitchen countertops and decorate the master bath.

Program #208
Our host throws a little light on the subject of wiring the new breezeway. Then he warms up the garage-turned-family room with new insulation.

Program #209
Our master carpenter shows us the right way to dry wall a new room—including important tips on taping and sanding. Then he and our host discuss tools: which ones are right for the job?

Program #210
The old house is beginning to take on a new look. Our host shows us how to trim the windows and doors. He also gives us time-saving tips on preparing and painting interior walls.

Program #211
Things are really cooking at the house. Our host is in the kitchen installing the new appliances. Our master carpenter is hard at work building a new rear deck. Back inside, our host shares some professional secrets for mistake-proof wallpapering. It's easy when you know how.

Program #212
The house's transformation is nearly complete. Our host gives us some pointers on laying a no-wax floor. Then the guys discuss the finishing touches of the renovation. Outside, our host checks the progress of the landscaping.

Program #213
The tract house from the 1950s is now a bright new, energy-efficient home for the 1980s. The guys lead a grand tour of the newly renovated house.