Episode Descriptions


Season Six: In & Around Boston, MA
This project premiered on PBS
October 1984
26 half-hour episodes; Programs #401-426

Program #401
Our host looks into how the concept of "sweat equity" will fuel the series. The season's first project consists of converting an attic into a new master bedroom and bathroom. Our host meets homeowners Rob and Jennifer to begin planning for what the job will entail, in consultation with our master carpenter and Richard Trethewey.

Program #402
While the designs for the new bedroom and bathroom are being finalized, our host and the homeowner look into such details as wiring, piping and telephone hook-ups. After a visit to the Lynn Ladder & Scaffold Company in Lynn, Massachusetts, Rob and Jennifer begin demolition, with help from our master carpenter.

Program #403
Exterior work for the new bedroom and bathroom gets underway, including framing and sheathing. Our host and our master carpenter discuss the new deck, exterior trim, sliding glass door, and new double hung window.

Program #404
Work continues on the new bedroom and bathroom, with Rob and Jennifer tackling the job of shingling, including the installation of flashing. Meanwhile, the rough plumbing work begins.

Program #405
The new bathroom begins to take shape, as homeowners Jennifer and Rob install a new fiberglass shower with our host's help. Our host and Rob also tackle electrical work.

Program #406
Accompanied by Richard Trethewey, Rob and Jennifer visit a plumbing fixtures store. Later, the bathroom floor is tiled and work begins on the new outside deck.

Program #407
It's time for the finishing touches to be applied to the new master bedroom and bathroom. Our host says goodbye to the weary but satisfied homeowners and their new space, and previews the season's next project—the conversion of an unfinished basement into a family room.

Program #408
Our host introduces the next set of do-it-yourselfers: Debbie and Dick, homeowners who want to create a family entertainment center and den in their dank basement. After we visit other completed basements to get ideas, work begins with the demolition of old closet space.

Program #409
Homeowners Dick and Debbie begin construction on their basement family room by framing, insulating and sheathing the side walls. They also discuss ideas for wall paneling.

Program #410
The basement family room takes shape as the electrical wiring, wall paneling and suspended ceiling are installed.

Program #411
Our master carpenter offers assistance with the construction of shelves and storage cabinets for the basement entertainment room. Later, resilient vinyl flooring is laid.

Program #412
The homeowners call in a mason, install lighting fixtures and welcome interior decorator Joseph Ruggiero from Ethan Allen, manufacturers of traditional furniture.

Program #413
Our host introduces the next set of novice do-it-yourselfers, Meade and Bob of Reading, Massachusetts, who will be adding a single-story greenhouse to their Cape-style home. The couple will assemble the greenhouse from a kit and call upon professionals to assist them with the work of laying the foundation, installing a heating system and wiring the space for lighting fixtures.

Program #414
The greenhouse frame is erected and the window glazing process is demonstrated. Later, quilted shades are installed over the windows to provide insulation at night.

Program #415
The homeowners learn how to install plumbing for the greenhouse heating system and how to wire the new addition for electricity.

Program #416
The homeowners get a lesson in carpentry as redwood benches and shelves for the green house are constructed.

Program #417
Our host introduces the next project of the season: a kitchen remodeling. Our host and the homeowners discuss how to update the kitchen facilities and layout while maintaining the traditional late-Victorian look of the home.

Program #418
Demolition begins on the kitchen remodeling project when a dumpster is secured. Richard Trethewey gives the homeowners some unsettling news about the jumble of pipes in the basement.

Program #419
Our host tours the Brosco window manufacturing plant in North Andover, Massachusetts, before installing a bay window in the kitchen. The kitchen walls are insulated and new plumbing is inspected in the basement.

Program #420
The homeowners pick out new kitchen appliances with the help of a professional kitchen designer. Custom-made oak cabinets are installed.

Program #421
The new kitchen receives a sink and garbage disposal system, and tiling techniques are reviewed.

Program #422
Finishing touches are applied in the remodeled kitchen. The beech flooring is completed, a wood stove is installed, and the kitchen is outfitted with cooking accessories.

Program #423
Our host introduces the final project of the season: a disaster of an apartment begging for redecoration. Working with designer Ben Lloyd of Metropolitan Home magazine, tenants Margie and Eric begin to think about use of color, furnishing and accessories.

Program #424
Experts at the New England Design Center advise our host and the apartment dwellers on choosing fabrics, furnishings and carpeting. Back in the apartment, Ben Lloyd presents his final plans for the redecoration and design.

Program #425
Lighting expert Richard Mecher discusses portable lighting fixtures for the apartment. Our host reviews progress in the kitchen and oversees restoration of the cork floor in the guest room and office.

Program #426
Final details are completed in the apartment, including the installation of state-of-the-art telephone and a personal computer. Designer Ben Lloyd, tenants Margie and Eric and our host take a final your of the newly redecorated apartment.