Episode Descriptions

jamaica plain

Season 12: Jamaica Plain, MA
This project premiered on PBS
September 1990
18 half-hour episodes; Program #1001-1018

Program #1001
We begin our 12th season with the restoration of Hazel Briceno's triple-decker, three-family home in Jamaica Plain, MA. Together with the Residential Development Program of the Public Facilities Department of Boston, we'll renovate all three floors. First, we soak in the sights and sounds of Jamaica Plain. Then our host heads off to meet with Lisa Chapnick, head of Boston's Public Facilities Department. Finally, the guys introduce homeowner Hazel Briceno and meet contractor Abel Lopes.

Program #1002
The guys explore lead paint-health hazards, inspection, and removal.

Program #1003
The issue of vinyl siding is discussed. Cellulose insulation is blown-in from the interior. A variety of replacement windows is reviewed. Kitchen and bathroom redesign begins with Glenn Berger.

Program #1004
Abel Lopes explains construction of rear porches. Our master carpenter shows us how to install the new replacement windows. Vinyl siding goes on, kitchen and bath design plans are unveiled, and our plumbing and heating specialist discusses the homeowner's options.

Program #1005
Our master carpenter works on front porch. We get a lesson from the plastering crew on blueboarding. We then tour a Canadian gypsum mine and New Hampshire factory where gypsum rock is turned into wallboard.

Program #1006
The guys discuss the basement windows. Landscape architect Tom Wirth makes a preliminary landscaping survey. The guys go over the pre-inspection plumbing. We then tour a factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, where PVC plastic pipe is made. Hazel visits Glenn Berger's showroom to choose kitchen cabinets, counters and flooring.

Program #1007
Home magazine editor Joe Ruggiero tours the house and discusses with Hazel ideas for interior decorating on a budget. Our master carpenter reconstructs the front porch posts. Our host gets a lesson on plastering.

Program #1008
A visit to the Charlotte, North Carolina, chapter of Habitat for Humanity, a national organization that provides affordable housing through no-interest loans, sweat equity and volunteer help. Richard Trethewey explains the water and gas supply and the water heaters back at the triple-decker.

Program #1009
The guys install the new front porch columns and build a railing system. Abel Lopes and Amy Wrigley tour the house to see progress on the back shed, the deleaded window trim and the new tile in bathroom. The guys then discuss baseboard heating and the boilers.

Program #1010
The crew installs the brackets they've built in the workshop. The front door is stained and sealed. Hazel and Tom Wirth visit a nursery for end-of-month season bargains, and Howard Husock, a housing researcher, takes viewers on a field trip to Worcester, MA, home of many fine triple-deckers.

Program #1011
Our host tries some sandblasting to get rid of the graffiti on front of the house. Our master carpenter installs some of the trim he made in the workshop. Our host takes viewers to Japan, where he tours a typical apartment and visits a model home park, where shoppers can choose among a variety of prefabricated houses.

Program #1012
Tom Wirth and Hazel lay out the plants for the front garden and a picket fence is installed. Inside our master carpenter and Abel discuss the upcoming lead reinspection for the stripped trim on the first floor and take a look at the store-bought old-style trim on the second floor. We then return to Japan, where we tour a modular home factory and watch as a home is constructed at a jobsite in a mere four and a half hours.

Program #1013
We tour the vacant city-owned lot across the street with Stephanie Bothwell, senior landscape architect with the City of Boston. There, trees and bushes are being planted as part of a neighborhood-approved lot improvement scheme. Stephanie and Tom Wirth visit horticulturist Gary Kohler at the Arnold Arboretum to view suitable trees for city landscaping. Back at the house, Glenn Berger gives us a tour of the kitchens, as our master carpenter installs cabinets in Hazel's unit. Finally, we visit the Chicago Home Center Show, the largest of its kind.

Program #1014
Our host and Amy Wrigley tour two Public Facilities Department houses that will soon be on the market. At the workshop, the guys pre-hang the front door and install its lock system.

Program #1015
At the house, the guys install the new front door. Hazel's security system is reviewed. Jeff Hosking checks out the state of the house's floors, sanding what he can. Our host then takes viewers to the historic Gardner-Pingree House in Salem, MA, to see how floorclothes are made.

Program #1016
Our master carpenter tiles Hazel's bathroom with vinyl tile, Richard Trethewey gives us a lesson on installing a kitchen sink and disposal, and we visit a carpet factory in Lyerly, GA.

Program #1017
The guys visit the International Carpentry Apprenticeship Contest in Seattle, WA. Back in Jamaica Plain, Richard Trethewey and our master carpenter look over some of the newly arrived appliances, and our host goes across town to check out a modular triple-decker going up on an abandoned lot.

Program #1018
The final day. Boston's Mayor Ray Flynn drops by to welcome Hazel to the city and gives her a wreath. Designer Joe Ruggiero shows us the three different treatments he gave each floor of the triple-decker, and we see how the stenciling and checkerboarding in the foyer were done. Out at the workshop, the guys build a folding screen for the first-floor dining room.