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Belmont Victorian House Project before it's toh tv remodel

This Old House, Belmont Victorian House Project

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Program #3511
Belmont Victorian | Grinding Out the Details, Part 11 of 16
Thursday, January 14, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Tommy converts a glass-paneled storm door into a custom mudroom-porch window. Interior designer Amanda Reid and homeowners Katherine and Murat select Victorian-inspired paint colors for the main living areas. Tommy shows Kevin how he clads the porch piers in white cedar shingles. Mark Ferrante lays marble tile in the master bath walk-in shower. Tommy lays down classic white oak tongue-and-groove floors in the kitchen and master suite.

Program #3510
Belmont Victorian | Victorian Warmth, Part 10 of 16
Thursday, January 7, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Tommy lays down mahogany flooring on the new front porch, adhering to a special layout called for by the architect. Homeowner Katherine and interior designer Amanda meet with lighting designer Susan Arnold to select new modern fixtures inspired by some existing fixtures already in the house. Tommy explains the difference between open- and closed-cell foam insulation and applies both to solve the ice dam issues throughout the house. Richard learns about the two new gas fireplaces as they're installed on the first floor. Tommy shows Kevin how to lay out and install the shingles on the front porch roof.

Program #3509
Belmont Victorian | Antiques for an Antique House, Part 9 of 16
Thursday, December 31, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Kevin arrives at the back of house to see Tommy framing the new mudroom. He then finds the homeowners meeting with architect Mat Cummings, who has put together a couple of color-scheme options for the exterior of the house. Richard travels to New Bedford, Mass., to see the claw-foot tub undergoing restoration. Electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin the remnants of old knob-and-tube wiring and snakes new wires for new fixtures in the master suite. Tommy uses a custom-made knife to shape new molding that matches the existing exterior molding.

Program #3508
Belmont Victorian | Antiques for an Antique House, Part 8 of 16
Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Kevin finds Tommy out front, beginning the framing of the front porch with the ledger board. Inside, HVAC expert Brian Palen solves the puzzle of snaking ductwork through a house designed in the age of coal. Kevin heads to Brimfield, the world's largest outdoor antiques show, where homeowner Katherine searches for furnishings. Back at the house, Tommy has finished the deck framing and shows Kevin how he builds the stairs.

Program #3507
Belmont Victorian | Victorian 2.0, Part 7 of 16
Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Kevin meets Richard in the basement and learns about the plan to keep the existing boiler but add a ducted system and a condenser for air conditioning. Tommy's excavation crew replaces the old steel main water line at the front of the house. Kevin learns how mason Mark McCullough lays brick for the new porch piers. Kevin finds Tommy pouring a concrete "rat slab," which will protect the mudroom against moisture and critters. Richard visits the tile showroom where homeowner Katherine and designer Amanda Reid are making final selections for the bathrooms.

Program #3506
Belmont Victorian | Opening the Entry, Part 6 of 16
Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Kevin meets mason Mark McCullough as he starts laying blocks for the mudroom foundation. Tommy builds a custom bay window for the new kitchen. Norm visits the shop where the original windows are undergoing restoration. Tommy shows Kevin how he uses a Dutchman's patch to cover the holes left from abandoned electrical outlets in baseboards. Kevin meets homeowners Katherine and Murat at the Boston Design Center, where we meet their interior designer Amanda Reid and learn about her plans for the formal living room. Kevin finds Tommy putting in another beam to open up the front entryway.

Program #3505
Belmont Victorian | It's Foundation Time, Part 5 of 16
Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Tommy calls in an excavator to begin work on the footings for the new porch. Norm meets homeowner Katherine and kitchen designer Linda Cloutier in the new open kitchen to discuss the layout. They head to Linda's showroom to see the cabinet and counter selections. Kevin helps Tommy and his crew frame in the new closet and bathroom for the master suite. On the third floor, in order to fix the ice damage throughout the house, Tommy must first remove all of the old fiberglass insulation. To do this he uses a giant vacuum. Back on the second floor, Norm and Tommy resize an existing door to fit in the smaller opening for the kids' bath.

Program #3504
Belmont Victorian | It's All About the Beams, Part 4 of 16
Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Tommy explains to Kevin how he assembles a flitch beam, and begins to install the first of two in the kitchen. Kevin travels to West Virginia to see how laminated veneer lumber is made. Richard discovers a rear-mounted toilet on the 3rd floor, and replaces it with the more common bottom mounted fixture due to a reworking of the floor plan. Kevin heads into the backyard where landscape designer Jenn Nawada shows homeowners Katherine and Murat her ideas for the shade-covered space. Tommy starts work on installing the second flitch beam in the kitchen. The braces come down and the open space is revealed.

Program #3503
Belmont Victorian | Bracing the Basement, Part 3 of 16
Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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To fix the slanted kitchen floor, Tommy jacks up the basement ceiling with temporary braces, installs a new support beam and pours footings for new lally columns. The homeowners want to save the marble sink and claw foot tub in the second floor bathroom, so Norm carefully disassembles the fixtures so they can be cleaned. Tommy gets the final beam specifications from the engineers and explains to Kevin the plan for holding up the back of the house. Richard tours Belmont’s 1853 Homer House, which features original plumbing and air conditioning systems. Kevin finds Tommy in the future master bathroom of the project house, where he's carefully pulling up the flooring so he can reuse it to patch other areas of the house. Tommy and Kevin finish up work in the basement with new lally columns to support the house.

Program #3502
Belmont Victorian | The Kitchen Came Tumbling Down, Part 2 of 16
Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Kevin pulls up to the house to see Roger and Katherine taking inventory of the plants, many of which Roger hopes to save and replant when the renovation is complete. Tommy explains the structural plan for the kitchen/dining area, which will be opened up to create one large eat-in kitchen. Demolition begins in the kitchen. Architectural historian Joe Cornish gives Norm a tour of Belmont's varied Victorian home styles, and they revisit the 1993 TOH Belmont project. Kitchen demo is complete, and Tommy inspects the open walls to determine how he'll provide structural support for the newly opened space. Dave Greenwood shows Norm how he's repairing the window pulley systems throughout the house. Salvage expert John Grossman stops by to collect usable items removed during demolition, including a hidden staircase that Tommy discovered in the kitchen.

Program #3501
Belmont Victorian | Dude, Where's My Victorian?, Part 1 of 16
Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 1:30pm ET
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Norm and Kevin introduce the new project house in the bedroom community of Belmont, Massachusetts. Kevin meets homeowner Katherine Bicer, who was attracted to the 1895 Victorian but disappointed that many of its historical details were removed. She explains the plan to add details back in, as well as open up the back of the house to create a large kitchen. Homeowner Murat Bicer gives Norm a tour of the 2nd floor, pointing out the clawfoot tub and marble counter in the guest bath that they'd like to restore, as well as the master suite they plan to create. Richard discovers that the evolution of home heating is evident in the basement. He explains the systems to Kevin and describes the HVAC plan for the renovation. Norm meets architect Mat Cummings outside and learns about the plans for the new front porch and mudroom bump-out. Kevin finds Tommy and window restorer Dave Greenwood in the living room, where they discuss the pros and cons of restoring vs. buying new. Dave explains the restoration process and the work begins to remove the windows.