House Tour: The Concord Cottage

kitchen 1

The new kitchen is a dream, with state-of-the-art appliances and super-smart details perfect for its new resident. A honed granite countertop is gentle on the eyes, with no glare from the abundant yet subtle lighting scheme. The farmhouse sink is at the perfect height for a shorter cook, and the drawer-style dishwasher eliminates the bending that traditional models require. Easy-on-the-hands towel racks act as door pulls on the dishwasher and the refrigerator. The room is bright and sunny: light streams in from the adjacent dining room through multi-paned windows, and a smaller window on the opposite wall makes clever use of diamond-patterned stained glass. (Adorned with tiny colored bumblebees, the high window hides the view of the neighbor's property just a few feet away.) A corner banquette provides a comfortable corner for spreading out the morning newspaper as well as yet another window, this one with a view toward the park behind the yard. And for a small space, this kitchen is loaded with cabinet and storage space, with a built-in hutch at the arched doorway adding display shelves to the mix.

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