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Season 3 Show Descriptions

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Episode #326
Installing window boxes on brick siding, making plumbing connections, installing a "drip strip" … more
Episode #325
Installing fluorescent light fixtures, landscaping software, replacing an aluminum baseboard heat cover
Episode #324
Installing an electronic air cleaner, removing ice from a walkway, venting a bathroom fan.… more
Episode #323
Clearing a clogged vent stack, building a backyard ice rinks… more
Episode #322
Riding lawnmowers, garbage disposers, and replacing a rotting wooden threshold… more
Episode #321
Installing a 220 volt receptacle, gardening hand tools, and installing a macerating toilet… more
Episode #320
Leveling a floor, fixing a leaky water shut-off valve, air compressors… more
Episode #319
Composting, and removing a house trap… more
Episode #318
Unclogging bathtub drains, exploring alternatives to window weights and planting a low-maintenance garden … more
Episode #317
Replacing rotted deck balusters, and connecting an icemaker, and stripping wallpaper
Episode #316
Replicating moldings, fixing an unlevel patio, and stripping wallpaper
Episode #315
Replacing an old storm window, winterizing shrubs, and using carbon monoxide detectors
Episode #314
Repairing a glass door, and pruning a Pin Oak
Episode #313
Planting a new lawn, and replacing a kitchen sink
Episode #312
Repairing cracked stucco, cleaning a lawnmower, and installing a dehumidifier pump
Episode #311
Learning about ladder safety and rebuilding a crumbling retaining wall
Episode #310
Silencing a noisy toilet, cutting crown molding, and replacing broken tile
Episode #309
Repairing leaky valves, replacing a cellar door, and repairing a leaky drip irrigation hose
Episode #308
Installing adjustable shelves, identifying a plastic guard for a tree trunk, and testing your soil before planting
Episode #307
Relacing a water heater's anode rod, installing a rain diverter, identifying a gutter cleaner and no-caulk flashing, and installing thermostatic valves on steam radiators
Episode #306
Adding window boxes, identifying a cordless drill holder, and how to install sod
Episode #305
Removing damaged bolts and screws; creating a walkway edge; What Is It?; jacking up a porch to fix a rotting post
Episode #304

Original Air Date: Week of October 25, 2004

General contractor Tom Silva visits homeowners David and Patti Dobrindt in Milton, Massachusetts, to help them cut a pass-through in their kitchen wall. Back in the loft, the guys ask, "What is it?" After that, Rich repairs a continuously running toilet in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, for homeowner Peter Fay.

Creating a Pass-Through Opening
Tom shows how to cut a pass-through in a kitchen wall so that the homeowners can better keep an eye on their small child in the next room. First he built a temporary support to hold the ceiling while he cut into the wall's framing. Before cutting, he drew an outline and then cut the opening through the wallboard using a reciprocating saw and a 7-inch blade. After determining that the wall was not load-bearing, Tom cut the wires that were in the way and cut the wall's 2x3's flush with the opening. He then stiffened the walls with additional 2x3 framing and blocking.

Where to Find It
Tom used a Porter-Cable Tiger Saw (reciprocating saw) to cut the opening:
Porter-Cable Corporation
Dealer/Distributor Customer Services: 800-321-9443
Service Centers/Technical Information: 888-848-5175
Dealer Locator: 800-4US-TOOL (800-487-8665)

What Is It?
The guys try to guess what an unusual-looking product is actually used for.

Where to Find It
Roger showed an apple picker manufactured by:
Gardena CombiSystem
Fruit Picker, Item Number: 3110

Stopping a Toilet From Running
Richard repaired a toilet that ran continuously; he determined that the problem was a flapper that wasn't sealing properly because of its chain float. He shut off the water, removed the old flapper, and replaced it with a factory-made flapper without a chain float.

Where to Find It
The flapper was manufactured by:
920-457-4441 (local)
800-4-KOHLER (toll-free)
Episode #303
Repairing a fence, restoring hot water by fixing an anti-scald valve, and installing a keyless chuck on an older drill
Episode #302
Replacing a clogged trap, brick walkway patterns, and covering a cracked ceiling with drywall
Episode #301
Edging a garden bed, choosing drill bits, identifying a nail finder, and how to use a fire extinguisher. … more