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Episode #126
Clearing a toilet stoppage, identifying an insulated outdoor faucet cover, installing folding attic stairs, and starting tomato plants from seeds… more
Episode #125
Repair an exterior door jamb with a dutchman, identifying a bucket leveler and a cow magnet, and installing an automatic shutoff on a water heater… more
Episode #124
Installing a new garbage disposer, identifying a combination drywall lift and rasp, and using hearing protection… more
Episode #123
Installing crown molding, identifying a paint can spout and drain cleaning tool, and insulating bathroom pipes to prevent freezing… more
Episode #122
Repairing a leaky shower tub faucet, identifying a door knob cover, removing painted wallpaper, and hot glue guns… more
Episode #121
Using snow shovels and snow throwers, identifying a mechanical stud finder and a post growth preventer, and repairing broken sash cords on an old window… more
Episode #120
Repairing a damaged window sill, identifying plant drainage pads and a wood grainer decorator tool, using paint rollers, and sharpening kitchen knives… more
Episode #119
Insulating the weight pockets on old windows, identifying a light stand and profile gauge, and installing a sewage ejection pump … more
Episode #118
Keeping debris out of rain gutters, identifying an electrical outlet box mounting tool and insulation knife, and repairing a wobbly toilet… more
Episode #117
Automatic washer/dryer shutoff valves, identifying a pin vise and rain gutter filter, preparing drywall joints, and different types of plumbing torches… more
Episode #116
Painting a double-hung window, aerating and fertilizing a lawn, identifying a paint mixer and a foam router bit tray, and hanging a picture on a hollow wall… more
Episode #115
Removing ivy from a house, identifying a titanium hammer and portable leaf bag system, and installing a replacement window … more
Episode #114
Installing a scald-proof shower faucet, robotic lawn mowers, and "critter-proofing" a house… more
Episode #113
Using a paint sprayer, replacing a fireplace damper, identifying a dressing tool and panel carrier, and splitting logs for firewood… more
Episode #112
Building sawhorses, installing a frost-proof faucet, identifying a bulb extractor and wheelbarrow holder, and composting leaves… more
Episode #111
Different types of hand pruners, repairing and reinstalling broken shutters, identifying a spray paint trigger and a putty remover, and instantaneous water heaters… more
Episode #110
Diagnosing a loud washing machine, cleaning a slippery walkway, identifying a plug wrench and a high-limb chain saw, using spirit levels, and fixing a leaky faucet … more
Episode #109
Replacing a basement window, installing a dryer vent, painting a six-panel door, installing a new power outlet, and replacing the string on a weed trimmer… more
Episode #108
Cutting wooden bung holes for decking, diagnosing peeling paint, identifying a joint raker and a sawdust remover, and building an outdoor lattice… more
Episode #107
Repairing a sagging floor, and sharpening a chainsaw… more
Episode #106
Using plaster washers to fix a cracked ceiling, rebuilding a toilet, grinding a tree stump, and reglazing a window … more
Episode #105
Two types of floor sanders, digging post holes, replacing a corroded pipe, and proper caulking technique… more
Episode #104
Installing an air eliminator valve, removing trim pieces, and filling gaps in wood floors… more
Episode #103
Covering a concrete stoop, and battling the mosquitoes… more
Episode #102
Assembling a plumbing toolkit, quieting a garage door, and installing artificial turf… more
Episode #101
ATOH 101

Original Air Date: Week of October 10, 2002

In the debut episode, host Steve Thomas joins plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, landscape contractor Roger Cook, and general contractor Tom Silva in the Ask This Old House loft to give viewers a chance to ask questions and get expert advice about their homes. Tom shows Steve how to build a replacement window screen using inexpensive parts purchased from a home center. Roger demonstrates how an old olive barrel can be modified to act as a rain collector and be used to water a garden. Responding to a letter from a homeowner, Richard and Steve demonstrate how to find and fix a leak in a 20-year-old dishwasher. Roger demonstrates the proper technique for sharpening lawn mower blades. Tom hits the road for the first House Call of the season, to a tall homeowner whose low ceiling threatens to knock him out on his way to the basement.

Repairing a WindowScreen
Tom shows Steve how to build a replacement window screen using inexpensive parts purchased from a homecenter.

Where to Find It
The following materials for window screens can be purchased in your local hardware store or homecenter:

Phifer charcoal fiberglass screen

Phifer.125" diameter gray screening spline

Screen Tight screen frame corners

Aluminum window screen frame channels

Saving the Rain
Roger demonstrates how an old olive barrel can be modified to act as a rain collector and be used to water a garden. Multiple barrels can be connected to increase the amount of water stored.

Where to Find It
The Great American Rain Barrel Co.
1715 Hyde Park Ave.
Hyde Park, MA 02136
Phone: 800-251-2352
Fax: 617-361-2638

Looking for Headroom
This homeowner's basement stairs had treads that were deeper than necessary, which meant that the staircase took up more room than it had to. If the treads were smaller, the lower stairs wouldn't be as close to the ceiling. Tom solves the problem by cutting back stair treads to create much-needed headroom. He explains that the ideal total measurement for tread and riser combined is 17 inches, with a minimum of 8 inches for the tread.

Where to Find It

Treads, stringers, and supporting hardware can be purchased in your local lumberyard or home center.