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Episode #626
Rebuilding a toilet tank, Lawn Watering, Building a simple bookcase… more
Episode #625
Installing a water pressure reducing valve, Choosing the best types of grass seed, What is it?, Installing crown molding on kitchen cabinets… more
Episode #624
Replacing broken tile, Cutting ceramic and stone tile, Installing glass tile on a kitchen backsplash… more
Episode #623
Overseeding a lawn using a slice seeder, Viewer tip, Preparing a home for sale, Finding and fixing a mysterious plumbing leak … more
Episode #622
Installing granite steps, Choosing "Keyless" Deadbolts, Replacing polybutylene water piping… more
Episode #621
Installing an old full-mortise lockset into a new door, Installing a pellet stove, Non-Gasoline Lawn Mowers… more
Episode #620
Building a soccer goal with PVC pipe, Building stilts, Building a sandbox… more
Episode #619
Increasing attic insulation, Installing landscape lighting, Replacing an old kitchen faucet… more
Episode #618

Original Air Date: Week of January 31, 2008

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey heads to Phoenix, Arizona to help a pair of homeowners install a new water softening system. Then, general contractor Tom Silva shows a homeowner how to install fiber-cement shingles on his new backyard shed.

Installing a Water Softener

Richard traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, where he and a local contractor helped a pair of homeowners by installing a new water softening system. Phoenix has particularly hard water, which contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. While not harmful to humans, pets or plants, these minerals can clog faucets and prevent soaps and detergents from working properly.

Where to find it?

Richard and a local contractor installed a new water softening system.

Manufacturer: Culligan International Co.
One Culligan Parkway
Northbrook, IL 60062

Additional support provided by:

City of Phoenix: Water Services Dept.
(602) 262-6251

Installing fiber-cement siding

Tom helps a homeowner install fiber-cement "panels" on his backyard shed that are designed to look like individual wood shingles. First, Tom showed how to layout the "coursing" using a chalk line and "swing stick." Next, he cut the panels to size using a circular saw with a special fiber-cement blade and fastened the panels with galvanized roofing nails.

Where to find it?

Tom installed fiber-cement panels made to look like individual wood shingles when installed.

HardieShingle™ Siding
Manufacturer: James Hardie
26300 La Alameda, Suite 250
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(888) J-HARDIE

Malco Products, Inc. PO Box 400 14080 State Highway 55 NW Annandale, MN 55302-0400 800-328-3530

The homeowner built the shed from plans purchased from:
The New Yankee Workshop™
Item #0610 "Storage Shed"
Episode #617
Improving a lawn, What is it?, Water Supply Piping… more
Episode #616
Replacing a leaky skylight, What is it?, Repairing a 3-way light switch… more
Episode #615
The ATOH crew repairs a smelly dishwasher, transplants a rosebush, changes a circular saw blade, and plays another exciting round of What Is It?… more
Episode #614
Installing thermostatic radiator valves on hydronic radiators, What is it?, Making a refrigerator fit into an opening that is too small, Viewer tip… more
Episode #613
Installing a vinyl fence, Installing an epoxy coating on a garage floor… more
Episode #612
Determining landscape grades, What is it?, Seeing inside walls, Repairing a bathtub drain that won't hold water… more
Episode #611
Improving front steps with bluestone, What is it?, Installing a propane kitchen stove… more
Episode #610
Diverting storm runoff to a "rain garden," What is it?, Refinishing a wood floor … more
Episode #609
Picking a Christmas tree, What is it?, Safety equipment, Caulking a leaky window… more
Episode #608
Improving a muddy backyard, Choosing space heaters, Preventing condensation in a bathroom fan… more
Episode #607
Installing replacement windows, Heating water more efficiency, Home energy audit… more
Episode #606
Removing a dangerous tree, What is it?, Installing interior door trim… more
Episode #605
Repairing a jammed garbage disposer, What is it?, Stripping exterior paint, Drilling and notching in joists … more
Episode #604
Preventing floods, Removing and replacing foundation plants, What is it?, Fixing rotted wood with epoxy… more
Episode #603
Replacing a toilet flange, What is it?, Repairing cracked plaster, Viewer Tip… more
Episode #602
Carpentry squares, What is it?, Installing a patio using concrete bricks… more
Episode #601
Replacing a bathtub drain trap, What is it?, Repairing a cracked drywall ceiling… more