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Episode #526
Building a Workbench and What Is It?… more
Episode #525
Lawn Mowing and Edging Basics, What is it?, Repairing and maintaining electric water heaters, Repairing a broken stair tread … more
Episode #524
Replacing a damaged mailbox post,Repointing Brickwork … more
Episode #523
Installing a new radiator/towel bar warmer, What is it?, Controlling crabgrass … more
Episode #522
Replacing a corroded shut-off valve with a "compression" fitting, What is it?, Selecting and planting "climbing" roses … more
Episode #521
Installing composite decking with hidden fasteners, Quieting a noisy steam radiator… more
Episode #520
Replacing a Shub, What is it?, Installing a roof-mounted attic fan… more
Episode #519
Refinishing cast-iron radiators, Installing a standby electric generator… more
Episode #518
Patching a damaged vinyl floor, What is it?, Repairing a leaking in-ground sprinkler system… more
Episode #517
Shopping for and installing wall-to-wall carpet, What is it?, Table saw safety… more
Episode #516
Removing an overgrown Juniper bush, Coiling an extension cord, Replacing a pop-up assembly in a pedestal sink … more
Episode #515
Clearing clogged drains, What is it?, Install Kitchen Cabinets… more
Episode #514
Prune a willow tree, fix a hot-water heater… more
Episode #513
Mulching, Sash Balancers … more
Episode #512
Shower Valve, Recycling Batteries … more
Episode #511
Cedar Clapboards, Chainsaw Etiquette … more
Episode #510
Kitchen Backsplash, Installing Sod … more
Episode #509
Child safety, What is It?, Installing a sump pump… more
Episode #508
Maintaining stone countertops, what is it?, Installing a chain link fence… more
Episode #507
Home Energy Audit, what is it?, Removing a toilet seat with corroded bolts… more
Episode #506
Rebuilding a small exterior deck and stairs.… more
Episode #505
Planting flower bulbs in fall, making straight rip cuts with a circular saw, what is it?… more
Episode #504

Original Air Date: Week of October 26, 2006

General contractor Tom Silva heads to Las Vegas to help a young homeowner organize her garage by installing new cabinets designed especially for garages. Then, in the "What is it?" segment, host Kevin O'Connor and landscaper Roger Cook test a new type of vacuum-assisted post hole digger. Afterward, electrician John Barros visits a homeowner who needs help installing a new ceiling fan. Then, up in the loft, John shows Kevin a few other ways of installing fan-rated electrical boxes.

Installing garage storage cabinets
Tom visits a homeowner in Las Vegas who wants to organize her garage. She had ordered cabinets over the internet from a closet company that also specializes in garage cabinets. The cabinets were made of particleboard and coated with plastic laminate and arrived in boxes ready to assemble. The cabinet sections joined together with a two-piece cam-type fastener. The fastener pieces lock together when turned with a screwdriver. Once the first cabinet was assembled, Tom slid it into position against a wall and leveled it by turning the cabinet's adjustable legs. Once it was level, Tom drove screws through the back of the cabinet and into the wall's studs. He assembled the remaining cabinets and screwed them to the wall in a similar manner. He then screwed the cabinets to each other for extra strength. For the cabinet doors, Tom fastened European-style hinges into the pre-dilled holes and mounted the doors. Tom then installed a butcher-block counter on top of the base cabinet. He then installed a plastic grid above the base cabinet that accepted different types of hangers and bins for additional storage. Tom then inserted the shelves and the installation was complete.

Where to Find It
Tom installed cabinets that the homeowner ordered from an online closet company that specializes in garage organization systems

Easy Closets

What is it?
The guys try to guess the intended purpose of an unusual-looking tool.

Where to Find It
Kevin showed a posthole digger that is powered by a wet/dry vaccum.
Manufacturer: Bull Digger

Installing a ceiling fan
Electrician John Barros helped a homeowner install a ceiling fan that she purchased at a local home center. John started by shutting off the power to the existing light fixture. He then removed the light fixture and the old "pancake" electrical box located in the ceiling. He then screwed a new "fan-rated" pancake box directly to the joist in the ceiling. A fan-rated box is similar to a regular electrical box, but it is sturdier to accommodate the ceiling fan's additional weight and vibration. The existing wiring, known as "BX" cable, had metal cladding protecting the wires. The metal cladding also serves as a path to ground in case of a short circuit. Once the cable was clamped to the new fan-rated box, John made the necessary electrical connections, installed the fan's blades and light fixture, and the installation was complete. Then, up in the loft, John showed Kevin a few other types of fan-rated boxes for use in different situations.

Where to Find It
Electrician: John Barros
Barros Electric, Inc.
164 East Street
P.O. Box 168
Foxboro, MA 02035

The ceiling fan was a Landmark Plus 42" Ceiling Fan (model #547 578), available from The Home Depot
Episode #503
Installing a new shower base, Installing a rain barrel… more
Episode #502
Replacing a clogged faucet aerator, Selecting houseplants, Quieting a squeaky subfloor under carpet… more
Episode #501
Repairing a bathroom door, planting a bamboo privacy screen, what is it?… more