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July is Smart Irrigation Month. Here are 12 great ways to save water

Lawnless Yards
Easy ways to conserve and save money on your monthly bills...More

Save Water, Time, and Money- 11 pro tips for effective, low-waste irrigation
Lawnless Yards- Give yourself—and the earth—a break from demanding lawns
Get Paid to Not Plant Grass- Water providers pay homeowners to ditch their lawns
Drought-Resistant Perennials- Your garden can be beautiful without being a waterhog
Drought-Resistant Annuals- Pack your garden with conservation-friendly plants
Mulch Materials- Tidy the yard, discourage weeds, and save some water while you're at it
Rainwater Harvesting- Simple and sophisticated systems for water collection
Water the Lawn with Your Saturday Night Bath- Three gray-water retrofits to consider
Water-Saving Garden Gear- Products to ease your plantings through the summer
Save the Planet!
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Installing Drip Irrigation
Create an automatic watering system that takes water straight to the base of plants and trees

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Sprinkler Repair

Repair a Leaky Sprinkler System
This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to replace a worn valve diaphragm

  Photo Gallery arrowGrasses

Drought-Resistant Ornamental Grasses
These hardy plants are easy on the eyes—and the water bill


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