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16 Things You Didn't Know About Your House

From legal issues to health hazards to house history, what you didn't know about the place where you live

Celebrate Independence Day
Find out all you never knew about home sweet home... More

House History - How to find out when your home was built and who lived there
Laws You Didn't Know You Were Breaking - Wacky house-related ordinances
How Long Things Last - Learn the life cycle of all sorts of parts of your house
Using Contractor Referral Websites - Educate yourself to make the right choice
Installing Radon Mitigation - This stealthy killer may be in your home
Mold! - You may have a mold problem and not even know it
How to Stop Break-Ins - Find out where your home is vulnerable
14 Household Myths Debunked - TOH experts set the record straight
47 Skills Survive Homeownership - A little know-how goes a long way
Looking for Trouble - A thorough, professional house inspection is a must
Beef Up Your Insurance - Don't expose yourself to nasty surprises later on
Sniffing Out Termites - Make sure these pest aren't eating your house
Home Inspection Nightmares XIII - These homeowners didn't have a clue
Easy Upgrades
Garden arrow wireless monitoring system

Test Your Soil
Find out what type of soil is in your garden and what to do to get the most out of it

Cabinets arrow
drive way jazz up

Strip Paint from Hardware
You probably assumed this involves noxious chemicals; think again

Tile arrow
best garage storage products

Remove Grout
You don't need a special tool to remove old grout, but you do need the determination

Before and After

We're Looking for the Best Budget Remodels
Did you complete a remodel on a tight budget? How did you save money? Tell us your story, show us your photos, and you might see yourself in the January 2009 magazine issue. Submit your project today!

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