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14 Ways to Have a Healthier Yard

Green up your yard, and save yourself some cash

Lawn-less Yard
Conserve water without compromising the beauty of your landscape...More

Lawnless Yard - Take a break from water- and time-guzzling turf
Get Paid to Not Plant Grass - Water providers pay homeowners to ditch lawns
Eco-Friendly Mowers - These spew few (if any) emissions, and are cheap to run
Wildlife-Friendly Yard - Create bird and butterfly habitat gardens
Go Native in the Garden - Choose suitable plants for your growing zone
Succulent Plants - These plants can thrive with sparse waterings
Meet the Good Bugs - Put beneficial bugs to work, instead of harmful chemicals
Gray-Water Your Lawn - Reroute shower water, instead of sending it to the sewer
Rain Barrels - Rainwater harvesting systems, from the simple to the sophisticated
Organic Lawn Care - Green alternatives to synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
Water-Saving Gear - Quench your plants' thirst with these eco-friendly products
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Repair a Leaking Sprinkler System
Learn how to replace a worn valve diaphragm to save water

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Salvage Planter

Create a Garden Tool Holder
Create a beautiful garden storage feature using a salvaged piece of trim

  Photo Galleries arrow Runoff Remedies

Runoff Remedies
Reduce flooding, and filter stormwater pollution before it gets to natural waterways


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