Custom-Fit Squeegee
Illustration by Narda Lebo
Traditional divided-light windows are a real pain to clean. The small glass panels must be wiped clean and dried one by one, both inside and out.

To speed up the process considerably, cut a squeegee to fit your particular windows. Buy a squeegee with a metal frame, rubber blade and removable 12- to 18-inch-long wood handle. If you need to reach high windows, buy a 48-inch extension handle, too.

Slide the rubber blade out of the frame, if possible, and set it aside. Then use a hacksaw to cut the frame about 1/8 inch less than the width of the window panes. However, be sure to trim off the same amount from each end of the frame; otherwise one end will be longer than the other and the handle won't be centered. File off all burrs and rough spots from the fresh-cut ends.

Next, use scissors to cut the rubber blade to the exact width of the window panes. Slide the blade back into the frame and secure it by crimping the frame ends with pliers.
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