Looking for a little extra storage space in your garage or shed? Don't overlook the open stud bays of an unfinished wall. Although these spaces aren't very deep — 3 ½ or 5 ½ inches — they're usually 14 to 22 inches wide and nearly 8 feet tall. That makes them perfect for storing pipes, steel rods, wood molding, and other long, narrow pieces.

To hold the stored pieces upright, make a cross brace and catch, as illustrated above. Cut a 1x4 to span across the bay and screw one end to a stud. Saw a notch in a short piece of 2x2 and attach it to the opposite stud to act as a catch for the 1x4 cross brace. To access the storage space, simply swing the brace up and out of the way — just be careful the whole stand doesn't come toppling down.
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