When applying any chemical stripper, solvent, wood finish, adhesive, or spray paint, it's always best to work outdoors in the fresh air. When that's not possible and you have to move into a garage or workshop, be sure to provide good cross ventilation.

Start by setting your workbench halfway between two windows or between a window and an exterior door. Place a box fan (preferably one with an explosion-proof motor) in an open window; be sure that it's blowing out. Then open a window or door on the opposite side of the room to create cross ventilation. Turn on the fan at least 10 minutes before starting work to create sufficient airflow.

If the work is producing clouds of dust, such as when you're sanding wood or running a thickness planer, place a furnace filter against the fan. It will catch most of the airborne particles and keep them from being blown all over the yard.

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