person using gardening gloves to keep clean while working on landscaping
Photo: © Cultura Creative/Alamy
Infection might not seem like a big gardening hazard, but the soil in your yard might be, well, soiled with lead and other toxic chemicals from old paint and plumbing, contaminants from pesticides, and parasites from pet or wild-animal droppings (hello, giardia and toxoplasmosis), not to mention tetanus and E. coli.

The best defense is to invest in a quality pair of gardening gloves—either thin and fitted for tasks that require dexterity or leather ones in a gauntlet style for when you're clearing brambles or thorny bushes. If you do get a cut, nick, or scrape, wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water to keep the risky stuff from getting into your bloodstream and potentially causing an infection.
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