a skeleton-feet stenciled doormat
Photo: Julian Wass
Time: 2 hours, including drying time

Cost: About $35-$40

Shopping List:
• Stencil film
• Indoor/outdoor matte black spray paint
• Plain coir mat
• Painter's or masking tape

Tools List:
• Fine-tip permanent marker
• Utility knife or electric stencil-cutting pen

Step up your stoop supernaturally with this inventive doormat. All you need is a can of indoor/outdoor matte-black spray paint, a plain coir mat (about $23 for an 18-by-30-inch mat; Kempf), and our downloadable stencil template.

Step 1:
Print the stencil template, using a photocopier to enlarge it as needed.

Step 2:
Trace the design onto stencil film with a fine-tip permanent marker, then go over the cutlines you just drew with a utility knife or electric stencil-cutting pen.

Step 3:
Lay the stencil over your mat, securing the edges with painter's or masking tape to prevent shifting. Apply three or four coats of spray paint until opaque.

Step 4:
Remove the stencil, and place by your front door to get trick-or-treaters off on the right foot.

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