How to Make Your Own Modular Cubbies
Illustration: Joe McKendry
Building beneath the stairs is a DIY-friendly job when you use modular boxes that can be stacked and anchored to the back wall without any tricky cuts or construction. Each cubby consists of two sides, a top, bottom, back, and one interior shelf, all ripped from ¾-inch plywood. The visible edges are finished with iron-on edge banding, sold by the roll at home centers. For larger cubbies leave out the center shelf.

To build the boxes, screw the parts together with the sides overlapping the top and bottom.

Next, position the cubbies row by row, screwing them to one another as you go.

To make the assembly look as it if were built in place, raise it on a 1x4 platform (see How to Craft a Bookcase Alcove for instructions).
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