building a wall-to-wall window seat overview
Illustration Joe McKendry
Building a wall-to-wall seat with the back and sides concealed means only the front needs a finished face.

Start by securing 2x6 hanging strips horizontally to the studs along the three walls.

For the center support, toenail a 2x6 joist to the middle of the boards secured to the side walls.

For the seat's front, frame a small knee wall out of 2x4s, leaving a void in the center for the book cubby.

Top the platform with ¾-inch plywood, and cap its front edge with a molding strip.

Build the book cubby out of more ¾-inch plywood, and recess it in the knee wall.

Finish off the seat's front with beadboard cladding and baseboard molding along its bottom edge.
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