wainscoting created from stock
Installing wall paneling is a great way to add style and charm to a room. While elaborate woodwork can cost thousands of dollars, you can get a similar, pared-down look in a 12-by-18-foot room for about $150. Simply build upon existing baseboard with stock 1x4 strips of wood. For the board-and-batten style shown here, cut the strips into 5-foot-long pieces. Space them 9 inches apart, and nail the vertical “battens” into place with 6d finishing nails. Then run more of the 1x4 lumber over those pieces as a top rail. This framing will turn your existing wall into a “recessed panel.” Caulk all the joints, and finish with a fresh coat of paint. For added charm, add 1-inch-thick base-cap molding above the baseboards. It’ll provide an elegant transition to the wall.
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