rustic look bedroom with a bed made from rough-look vertical logs. A faded-paint wooden chest is set at the foot of the bed with stacked wool blankets on top. A train sign hangs on the wall behind, with lamps on side-tables to either side
Photo: Quentin Bacon

Cabin-Chic Sleepspace

The fastest route to giving a space a ton of personality? Furnish it with pieces that tell a good story. That's exactly what Atlanta interior designer Barbara Westbrook did for this bedroom in a Georgia lake house. A hickory sleigh bed recalls the furniture one might spy in an Adirondack lodge and hints at the homeowner's summers spent north of the Mason-Dixon Line. For a taste of local flavor, a jaunty sign from a decommissioned railroad station nearby—a reminder to train crews to signal their approach—hangs above the bed. A vintage wooden trunk with primitive decoration sits at the foot of the bed, piled with cozy blankets—a nod to the footlockers one might find at camp. Even the walls have character, thanks to painted shiplap paneling acting as wainscot. Want to bring a similar cabin-chic vibe to your own bedroom? Read on.
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