the Loubeks pictured at their Dutch back door
Photo: John Ellis

Lots of Storage for a Happy Family Home

Luxury means different things to different people. Take, for instance, Christian and Erika Loubek, who live in a revamped 1914 home in Venice, California. When asked to single out a favorite new feature, Christian raves about a built-in sponge drawer next to the kitchen sink. A sponge drawer? "It may sound silly, but we get such joy from having places to put away everything we use," he explains. "Of course, we need a sponge to wash our dishes, but we don't need to see it sitting out on the sink when we're done. Having a drawer to hide it in feels downright extravagant."

Shown: Christian and Erika Loubek, with their 2-year-old daughter, stand by the back door that leads to their kitchen. The Dutch door, original to the house, was moved from the laundry room.
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