kitchen remodel in Belvedere, CA
Photo: Paul Dyer

New Kitchen Built for a Crowd: After

Bygone transit systems can help explain why some old houses seem oddly oriented today: A side entrance, for example, may recall the trolley that could once be spied from the door. In the case of this Victorian-era house, clinging to a hillside in coastal Belvedere, California, the front door and kitchen belonged downstairs for easy access back when groceries arrived by ferry. With the advent of cars, the main entrance moved to the third floor, near parking space up the hill. Now the kitchen has moved too, joining the living room on the top floor as part of a redo by architect Mark Reilly.

Shown: Walls came down to make way for a crowd-friendly new kitchen and dining area.
Refrigerator: KitchenAid
Pendant lights: Jieldé
Range hood: Vent-A-Hood
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