illustration of bare mattresses on bed frames with a person in the center bed
Illustration: Robbie Porter

You Know It's Time to Let Go When...

• It's more than 10 years old and sports lumps, dips, or trenches.
• Your hips sink too low, so you wake up with a sore lower back. Sagging means the springs are worn, the batting has flattened, or the mattress or box spring was poorly made.
• You wake up stiff or with shoulder or neck pain.
• You've changed: You've gotten much lighter or heavier, which can affect the body—mattress fit.
• You've gotten older. Young folks tend to like firm mattresses, but as the body grows more mature, it requires more cushioning, especially if you are a side sleeper. Incidentally, getting a good night's sleep generally gets harder as you get older, no matter how your mattress is made.
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