bright bathroom with white subway tile half-way up the wall and white, octagonal floor tiles. A porcelain tub sits to the right of a pedestal sink, with a yellow and white woven basket between. An oval mirror hangs between two sconces on the gray wall
Photo: Zach DeSart

New at Home with the Old: After

Not every bath is due for a total overhaul—sometimes, all that's needed is a few simple changes. That's what Chuck Jepsen found in the guest bathroom of his 1887 Queen Anne, in Stamford, Connecticut, where several "updates" added over the years—like the 1950s wall-mount sink and the bright-blue paint on the cast-iron tub—dragged down an otherwise well-preserved space. So rather than start from scratch, he opted to add a much-needed shower and embark on a short list of cosmetic fixes to brighten the room without dulling the period feel.

Since the existing 125-year-old subway and hex tile required little more than a deep scrub, Chuck kept it all intact. He moved the toilet to make room for a spacious shower lined with new subway tiles that match the originals, and swapped the wall-mount sink for an authentic vintage pedestal model salvaged from another bath in the house. And, of course, the room got new paint throughout: on the walls, the trim, and even the tub. "I love that I was able to preserve so many of the original features," says Chuck. "And the new pieces look right at home with all the old ones."
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