view of a distressed greek victorian home from the front, surrounded by overgrown trees. a round porthole window is set in the top above the pillars of the two-story porch
Photo: courtesy of the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation

The History

Published September 2015
Price: $15,000
Location: Cokesbury, South Carolina
Contact: Michael Bedenbaugh, 803-924-9979

First named Mount Ariel, the village of Cokesbury was founded in 1824 as a Methodist outpost with visions of a utopian future. Sadly, that vision was short-lived, but 30 years later the community was revived with the founding of an all-female Masonic college. This house, built around that time, likely served as a residence for school faculty. Although the women's college was followed by a string of other area schools, there's no longer a college in the town. The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, and the house has been vacant since then.

Shown: A grand, full-height entry porch, typical of Greek Revival homes in the South, gives presence to the otherwise plain facade. The second-floor balcony is accessed through a set of double doors.
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