a Dover, Kentucky Farmhouse profiled in Save This Old House
Photo: Sarah Boone Jayasuriya

Location, Location, Location

Published July 2014
The History: By the time John Washburn built this farmhouse, around 1840, the town of Dover was a far cry from the wild frontier that existed when his uncle Cornelius helped settle the area 50 years earlier. Cornelius was quite the frontiersman. After receiving a shotgun at the age of 10, he set out for Kentucky with his father. Cornelius and Daniel Boone became close friends, living off the land, hunting and trapping, and building fortresses. Cornelius's father purchased a 40-acre parcel here, which was ultimately deeded to John. John built this house on the land and lived in it with his wife, Catherine, and their daughter, Rachel. In 1854, they decided to move and sold the house, and it has changed hands only five times since. The current owner hopes to sell it to someone who will preserve it for future generations.

Shown: The three-bedroom, one-bath house sits on a half acre near the center of town.

Zillow, the real-estate marketplace, wants to see this house restored. As a Proud Preservation Partner of Save This Old House, Zillow is offering a $2,000 award to the buyer of this diamond in the rough. Contact toh_marketing@timeinc.com for details. And to explore more homes for sale, visit zillow.com. Offer expires 6/30/2015.
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