american linoleum floor craftsperson laurie crogan sitting in her studio
Photo: Coral von Zumwalt

Handcrafted Linoleum Floors

After people find out that the colorfully patterned floor they're standing on wasn't mass-produced by machine, often their first reaction is to squat down and run a palm across it. "When they realize these are pieces someone put together by hand, the whole experience is so palpable to them," inlay artist Laurie Crogan says with relish. "I love that."

The Southern California native started out as a goldsmith, and her attention to detail and miniaturist's eye are evident in her floors. Each one is as original and intricate as a piece of custom jewelry, whether it's a riff on a historic motif or something more contemporary.

Shown: Crogan, here with Pearl, her border collie mix, designs and cuts the inlays for her custom linoleum floors in her Los Angeles bungalow's sun-filled studio.

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