exterior of white victorian house remodel after
Photo: Mark Lohman

Period Details Back Again

You wouldn't know from its wholesome exterior, but this little white house, with its wraparound porch and leafy front yard, has a checkered past. Built in 1900 in the Fourth Ward, a historic district of largely Victorian-era homes in Charlotte, North Carolina, it witnessed the area's gradual postwar decline and its rebirth in the 1970s. The house avoided demolition during the neighborhood's redevelopment when it was moved from its original site nearby to its current, narrower lot, which required a 90-degree turn that put the front door to the side. During the early 1980s, it underwent a gut renovation that removed most of its historical details and introduced modern touches, like track lighting and a sleeping loft. At the time, that sort of makeover was as stylish as women's shoulder-padded power suits; neither look, as it turned out, stood the test of time.

Shown: A wraparound porch shelters the house's main entrance, located at the side.

Architect: Tony Ward, Ward Design, Charlotte, NC
Landscape designer: John Byrd, John Byrd Garden Design, Charlotte, NC; 704-441-1537
Landscape designer: Aaron Gay, Commonwealth Landscaping Management, Charlotte, NC
Bamboo shades: Smith + Noble Window Treatments
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