before remodel exterior, remodel of federal style house
Photo: Ken Gutmaker
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Clean Lines: Before

The Federal-style house, built around 1800, stood half a block from the beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. By 2009, when the pair found it, its prime location was just about the only thing the place had going for it. Thanks to a series of "modernizations," the original cedar shingles were swathed in vinyl, the old horsehair-plaster walls encrusted with paint and wallpaper, and the oak floors smothered under layers of linoleum. Makeshift closets leaned in the corners of bedrooms overflowing with a hoarder's junk. Add in the natural deterioration of a structure built on sand by the coast—every wall slightly tilted, the leaky porch pulling away from the facade, plaster falling from ceilings, squirrels squatting in the attic—and even cut-rate pricing couldn't sell it. That is, until Scott and Philip arrived on the scene.
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