illustration of mom fixing kitchen cabinets while kids play, diy tips and tricks reader learned from their moms for mother's day
Illustration Christopher Silas Neal
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Quit Horsing Around, and You Can Accomplish Great Things!

"We had three boys in the family, and my mother would always say, 'One boy is half a man; two boys are no men at all.' That's because one boy could do half a man's work, but two of us would just aggravate each other and not get anything done. We did finish some projects, though. Once, Mom helped install new flooring at our church and brought all the old boards home. It was beautiful tongue-and-groove bird's-eye maple. She had us clean out each joint before nailing down the boards and refinishing them. Another time she and I found cabinets that were being discarded, and we rebuilt our entire kitchen. Back then, if we didn't do it ourselves, it didn't get done."

—Don Dallman, 75, Nokesville, Virginia
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