Know Your Range

1. Continuous grates
Interlocking pieces of cast iron let pots slide easily between burners.
2. Simmer burner
Puts out a steady, gentle flame (generally from 250 to 850 Btus) for low-heat tasks, like melting butter.
3. Grill option
Taking the space of two burners, this slotted grate sits over an open flame. Demands a robust ventilation hood, set on maximum power, to handle the smoke. Burners, heat diffusers, and drip pan are usually dishwasher safe for cleanup.
4. Griddle option
A flat stainless-steel surface—sometimes with a super-tough nonstick coating—ideal for everything from scrambling eggs to cooking shrimp plancha-style. A dishwasher-safe drip pan collects grease. Takes the place of two burners, so is available only on 36-inch or larger ranges. Can sometimes be ordered double-wide.
5. Boiler burner
High-heat element that can put out from 18,000 to 25,000 Btus. Ideal for searing, sauteing, and boiling.
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