Plain Box: Before

Out went the carpeting, replaced by white oak flooring, while wainscoting and crown molding went in to wrap the room. Where plain-Jane tiles once formed a lackluster fireplace surround, Bynon used oversize linen-texture porcelain tile, extending it all the way to the ceiling. She filled the awkward window nook with a built-in bench seat and devised a quasi arch to conceal where the ceiling height bumps up. "Now there's definition between the sleeping and sitting areas," says the designer, who furnished the space with shades of cream, beige, and soft blue-green. "It is much more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable now," says Larry. One (more) reason: That telltale popcorn ceiling is neatly hidden under a fresh layer of drywall.

Shown: The 1980s bedroom was a plain box with old carpeting, a dinky fireplace surround, and a popcorn ceiling.
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