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Photo: Anthony Tieuli
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Custom Italianate Porch Railing: Before

The low-slung porch doesn't require a railing to meet code, and the Fauldses certainly had plenty of other details to tend to, what with the plaster-molding restoration, kitchen expansion, and master-suite bumpout. Their decision came down to aesthetics. "It looked bare and unfinished—not the kind of place where you could kick back and read the paper," says Malcolm. "I always wanted that in a front porch."

So the couple asked project architect David Whitney for railing ideas, and they ended up choosing custom flatsawn balusters, an appropriate finishing detail for the house. TOH TV's master carpenter Norm Abram and general contractor Tom Silva brought the design to life. "The new railing was an opportunity to make the front really pop," says Norm.

Shown: The bare porch looked unfinished.
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