front entry detail of exterior of 1915 crafstman house after remodel
Photo: Victoria Pearson
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Surprise Find on a Drive

The two long ago earned their tool belts. At 15, early achiever Pierre ripped out his parents' kitchen while they were visiting Europe. More recently, he and Terri renovated a ranch house, where they raised their kids.

At that point, most couples would relax. But in time they began craving the ideal empty nest—something compact and a little needy, with history and character, within walking distance of town. They found it one day while driving down a street lined with an architectural walking tour's worth of older homes: a Craftsman-Prairie mix hiding behind a For Sale sign. "I yelled 'Stop!'" Terri says. "Literally."
Paint: 6102 Portabello and 7509 Tiki Hut (cement finish); Sherwin-Williams. 8366 Heartwood and 7786 Contemporary Maple (trim); Frazee
Roof shingles: GAF
Shingle stain: Sagebrush; Cabot
Exterior plaster: Leroy Richards, Morro Bay, CA;
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