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Go Ahead. Knock.

Top-quality fiberglass entry doors have gotten so good at mimicking the look, feel, and thunk of wood that you could swing one open and close it behind you without ever realizing you weren't handling solid mahogany, oak, or pine. Because they're made from the same family of glass-fiber-reinforced polymers used to craft airplanes, surfboards, and Corvettes, these super-durable doors won't warp, rot, shrink, or swell like wood doors—and they boast superior resistance to insects and fire, too. As for curb appeal, forget the plastic-looking imposters introduced a couple of decades ago. The best models feature convincingly textured fiberglass "skins," energy-saving insulation, and a lengthy menu of finish options, as well as molding, glass, and hardware choices to match any house style. "Manufacturers have given the skins real life now," says Tim Ellenz, president of California Window and Door, a dealer and installer in Palm Desert. Ellenz didn't even sell fiberglass entry doors 15 years ago; last year, the category accounted for 90 percent of his door business. Consider the aesthetic improvements and a price tag that's often lower than what you'd pay for a comparable wood door, and today's fiberglass entry doors become legitimate rivals. Still, getting the right look and fit requires doing a little homework—or just reading on.

Shown: Aurora Custom Fiberglass Collection prehung, factory-finished door with hardware, starting at about $5,000;
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