Tiny and Cramped: Before

Gutting the only bath in her 1926 Spanish Mission house, in Riverside, California, was the only solution to its many flaws: a door that swung into the 5½-by-8-foot room, nearly hitting the toilet behind it; an awkwardly placed vanity; and old cracked tile. "When the shower drain kept plugging up, I figured it was time to do the whole thing right," says Beverly, who called on family—her daughter and ex-husband are contractors—to help streamline the layout and oversee moving the sink and toilet, replacing the tub, and installing fresh tile. To duplicate existing features in the house, Beverly made a template for an arch above the shower, which helps give the space a loftier feel. Months of inconvenience later, she couldn't be happier with the result and says: "I love my beautiful little bath."

Shown: A door that opened onto a dark, bulky vanity and nearly hit the toilet made the 45-square-foot bath seem even more cramped.
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