mohawk moisture resistant synthetic fiber carpet pad, all about wall to wall carpeting
Photo: James Worrell
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Choose The Perfect Pad: Material

Pads are typically made from polyurethane foam, but you can also find fiber or synthetic-rubber ones. Rebonded foam, made of multi-colored polyurethane foam chunks, is a good all-around pad and is used most often. Prime urethane foam is more porous and tends to compress, so it's best for lower-traffic areas. Frothed foam—a firmer, denser material adhered to felt—and synthetic rubber are extremely durable. Fiber or felt pads, crafted from synthetic or natural fibers, such as jute, provide a resilient surface that's sturdier than foam.

Synthetic-fiber pad
Good for Berbers, this pad is moisture resistant and can be used below grade. Mohawk Specifiers Choice, about 35 cents-65 cents per sq. ft.; Mohawk

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