blue ranch-style house with beige trim for this old house's Photoshop Redo
Illustration: Drawgate Inc.
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Retro Reworked

"Adding too many historical references to a house like this would just look foolish," says DeGraw. But some traditional elements wouldn't feel out of place, he adds, such as cedar shingles in place of the dated composite clapboards, and stone veneer over the brown brick foundation. He also suggests adding a gable to the left of the entry and one directly above it to break up the long horizontal roofline and fill the awkward gap above the door. Replacing the chunky double-hungs with trios of bigger casements would help draw the eye up.

"It looks beautiful," Carole says. "And I love the idea of larger windows; that's a change I'd definitely like to make."

Pictured: A pair of gables and a cupola help break up the facade's horizontal lines.

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