using 3D printer to recreate ceiling medallion, repairing plaster in Arlington Italianate TOH TV project house
Photo: Courtesy of Stratasys; (inset) David Kemskie
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Replicating a Medallion With a 3-D Printer

In contrast to the old-world methods used to repair the medallion in the living room, the TOH TV team turned to a decidedly 21st-century solution to replicate the one missing from the dining room. That solution came by way of David Kempskie, a senior technology consultant with AET Fab Labs, in Essex, Massachusetts. Using a handheld 3-D scanner, he stood below the living room medallion, made a three-dimensional digital map of it, and sent the map to a 3-D printer like the one at far left. The printer head moved back and forth, spraying millions of atomized droplets of resin with each pass and slowly building up a physical version of the digital file. The replica at left can be used to cast a new one in plaster or can go directly on the ceiling, to be primed and painted, as it did at the Faulds house.
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