pressing modeling putty on ceiling madallion to make a mold, repairing plaster in Arlington Italianate TOH TV project house
Photo: Anthony Tieuli
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Making The Mold

Repairing the ornate ceiling medallion required a different strategy. To replicate its details, Bucco created a mold and used it to cast a plaster patch. After Tom had done a bit of surgical trimming to both the patch and the edges of the hole with an oscillating tool, Bucco buttered the back of the patch with plaster and pressed it in place. Then he used his fingers to pack the joint with plaster. Holding up a plaster-coated hand, he said, "That's the most important tool you need."

Shown: Bucco presses a two-part modeling putty onto an undamaged section of the medallion to make a mold.
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