shaping and contouring plaster on crown molding, repairing plaster in Arlington Italianate TOH TV project house
Photo: Anthony Tieuli
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Shaping Contours

"The crown molding was the most tedious part of this job," says Bucco. He started above the bay window in the dining room, filling a hand-size hole in the crown that went all the way down to the wall. He built it up with layers of high-strength molding plaster, mixed by hand in small batches. Then he dragged a stainless-steel straightedge, called a joining rod, over the repair like a squeegee. "It takes time and patience to get the surfaces to meet so that they look nice," he said.

Shown: He drags a steel straightedge over the protruding plaster, shaping it to the contours of the old profile.
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