Plaster contractor Bob Bucco repairing plaster crown molding in Arlington Italianate TOH TV project house
Photo: Anthony Tieuli

Hidden Gems

The question had been hanging over their heads for years. Eight feet overhead, to be exact. Ever since Heather and Malcolm Faulds bought their 1872 Italianate, in the Arlington suburb of Boston, five years ago, they wondered if there might be something interesting hidden above the suspiciously low ceilings of the parlor rooms.

But it wasn't until their home became the star of the current TOH TV season that they would get an answer. Once TOH general contractor Tom Silva and the crew had set up shop, Tom wasted no time cutting a peephole in the ceiling. Heather stood at the foot of the ladder, waiting for his assessment. "Oh, you've got to see this," he said.

Heather was up next, and she shined a flashlight into the dead space above the false ceiling. "The original ceilings were stunning," she says. There was a robust medallion and cove-style plaster crown molding in a band around the dining and living rooms. "We were blown away."

Shown: A strip of orange paint stopping abruptly a couple of feet below the plaster crown molding shows how much of the room had been closed in by an ugly drop ceiling.
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