mudroom set up with peg board backed cubbies with moveable wood knobs for customization, easy upgrades around the home for the whole year
Photo: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; (inset) Michael Chini/Time Inc. Digital Studio
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March: Customize Your Locker Storage

If jackets, umbrellas, and other mudroom essentials end up in heaps rather than neatly hung, a new setup may be in order. We love the smart idea shown here: pegboard-backed lockers fitted with movable wood knobs that can be reconfigured as children grow or seasonal needs change. Simply line locker backs with 3⁄16-inch pegboard over ¾-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF) painted black so that the openings appear dark. You'll also need knobs fitted with #8-32-by-1½-inch machine screws with their heads hacksawed off. Place each knob as desired and drill a 5⁄32-inch hole into the MDF to create a snug fit for twisting the machine screws in and out. Unify the knobs and pegboard with paint. Time to move or add a hook? Just drill another hole.

Choose decorative knobs with metal threads, like these from coolknobs (about $3).
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