Plan The Interior to redo your bedroom closet
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Time to Plan The Interior

Size up Your Space
• Beginning with the left wall, measure everything to a T.
• Sketch a to-scale layout on graph paper, with each wall's width and height as well as details such as base moldings, chases, and receptacles.
• Make note of sloped ceilings, knee walls, and other old-house oddities. If facing walls aren't the same length, at least one angle isn't square.

Divide and Allocate
• Start with storage for your shoes. While options include slide-out racks and tilted shelves, your best bet is open shelves without dividers. To squeeze in an extra pair, alternate toes-facing-out and toes-facing-in.
• Sketch in rods for shorter items, making them as wide as your wardrobe warrants, and a higher rod for longer items.
• Draw shelves 4 inches above the rods plus a high shelf for less-used items, and mark their depths.

Look for Nooks
• Allocate space for a folding stepladder, against the wall under the highest rod, say.
• See if there's space for a robe hook on a return or side wall.
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