Low Ceilings With Cramped Style: Before

Three weeks after buying the house, they tore off the roof, gutted the top floor's two walk-through bedrooms, and built a pair of full-length shed dormers, gaining ceiling height and increasing their usable floor space by 200 square feet. Half the floor became their bedroom and the other half a walk-in closet and this master bath. Tim, a former contractor, did the wiring and plumbing and flexed his carpentry muscles, building linen cabinets, a walnut vanity, and medicine cabinets. Wendy handled the finishes, snagging many at a deep discount. "I build, she designs," Tim says. "If left to just one of us, we'd have low ceilings with great decor or a well-built house with white walls."

Together, as this luxurious master bath makes plain, they're a perfect team.

Shown: A low attic ceiling made rooms feel cramped and left dead space behind the walls.
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