remodeled master bath with wood cabinets, vintage details and rejiggered layout
Photo: Nathan Kirkman

Maximized Bath Space: After

Dealing with the unfortunate renovation choices of previous owners is a fact of life for many home buyers. When Marc and Sarah Chodera purchased their 1887 Stick-style house, in Chicago, the master bath was a major disappointment. "It was pure 1980s," Sarah says of the hard-edged, white-tiled space with its claustrophobic shower and jetted tub—and no privacy, a problem because the couple would be sharing the bath with their son, now 9, and daughter, 4.

Shown: Rich wood cabinets, vintage details, and a reconfigured layout make the room as stylish as it is efficient.

Designer: Aimee Wertepny, Project, Chicago; 773-394-1174
Ottoman: Baker
Drapes: Kravet
Cabinet hardware: RK International
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